Super Teen Skipper

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Number: 2756

Year: 1980

Type: Doll

Slogan on Box:

From front of box: "Real action skateboard!" and "Glamorous one minute - a supersport the next!"

From back of box: "She's today's active teen with a spin-action skateboard!" and "Spin her! - Hold the skateboard and move it in a circular motion. She'll spin into action!"

What's Included:

  • Skipper doll
  • Leotard: pink leotard with purple lace accent at the top
  • Shorts: purple shorts with pink stripes up the sides
  • Skirt: long purple skirt
  • Shoes: white sneakers
  • Helmet: white helmet
  • Pair of pink elbow pads
  • Pair of pink knee pads
  • Pink brush
  • Pink mirror
  • Yellow and pink skateboard