Five Fun Facts About Polkaroo!

1)  Polkaroo appeared in the Canadian children’s series; “Polka Dot Door” from 1971 to 1993.

2)  The name is a combination of “Polka” (from the show’s title) and “Kangaroo”.

3)  Polkaroo initially appeared on “Polka Dot Door” just once a week on “Imagination Day”.  The character appeared more frequently in later years due to its popularity, even starring in two one hour TV Specials.

4)  In the early years of Polka Dot Door, Polkaroo was played by either the male or female host.  This lasted until the third season when the costume started being worn exclusively by male hosts.

5)  The original costume was made by artist Tanya Petrova.  She also made the Moose and Beaver costumes for another Canadian children’s series; “Cucumber”.