Skipper’s Jeweled Bed – Susy Goose (1965)

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This is Skipper’s Jeweled Bed. It was released by Susy Goose in 1965. The back of the headboard has the company name and date stamped on to it. There purple “jewels” are still inset in the top of the headboard and footboard and there are no cracks in the plastic. The paper photo on the footboard has become a bit unglued on the right side and there is a small tear on the left side. The bedspread has a few areas of fraying and the pillow is attached to the bedspread with a safety pin. The elastics are still attached to the bedspread but they no longer have elasticity.

Susy Goose is not a specific Barbie doll or character but rather a brand associated with doll furniture and accessories, particularly popular in the mid 20th century. Susy Goose produced doll sized furniture, playsets, and storage solutions for children to use with their dolls, including Barbie dolls. The company was well known for creating wooden and plastic furniture pieces designed for dollhouses and doll play.